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Americans of Filipino Descent Historical and Cultural Heritage

Sponsor – Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum, Inc. (FHAM) “Pro-Legacy” ID # 51 – 0372541®
a.k.a. Institution of Filipino American Heritage (IFAH™) -
“Preserving Past Memories, Building the Future”

Phone: 302- 731-5899 3 PM to 7 PM (Eastern Time Zone) No answer try again

Mabuhay! Welcome Why “Model Minority™?

This is who we are?

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Beginning of Cultural Prosperity in the 21st Century
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Mabuhay! Welcome - WHY MODEL MINORITY™?

“Filipino Americans cherish their family, up-hold family values and religion, (faith and love of God), have unbridled optimism, do what is good and noble and a dream of better tomorrow™” - Manuelita (Ditta) Plaza Camomot

A) On Christian Values:

1) Love of God – Traditional Christian Worship
2) Santa Cruzan Tradition
3) Feast of Santo Nino De Cebu – Atiatihan Tradition
4) St. Lorenzo Ruiz De Manila

B) On Strong Family Values:

1) Respect for elders
2) Charity – helping relatives in need at home and abroad.
3) Kinship tradition distant relatives are considered close relatives
4) Encouraging women’s goals and lauding their achievements

C) On Love of Country:

1) Love of the motherland (Philippines) – infuses Filipinos wherever they are.
2) Love for adopted country USA – assimilation, adoptability and civic responsibilities
3) Folk dancing – are nostalgic event

D) On Love of Traditional Values: a uniting factor
1) Social Gathering Potluck: Filipinos food is always served.
2) Happy fun loving people – a smile to break tense situations
3) Belongingness and or friendliness (pakikisama)
4) Love social dancing and singing
5) Love to be photographed – taking and posing for photographs

E) On Hidden Culture (Positive and as well as not so positive)

1) Optimism and Resiliency: Knows how to adopt in dark times
2) Filipino American cultural prosperity (especially in literary) in this century is emerging.
3) Work Ethics: Always working (sometimes two jobs) - Not speaking out about pay grades and job conditions
4) Thrifty (kuripot) – Adopting frugal ways in lean times
5) Being sensitive – ingrained in the long term memory. Some seek to keep the peace by brushing conflict under the rug.
6) On Changing Culture: Many American cultural traditions are adopted but regurgitate those they don’t like, so not to offend anybody. And many choose to remain a “Silent Minority”
7) Generational divide on established cultural traditions.
8) Community Unity – Filipinos and Filipino Americans have always expressed their own “POINT OF VIEW.” It is hard to change that engrained point of view. A University of Delaware professor of Anthropology Kenneth Ackerman commented that “The third generation of Filipino Americans is the ones to be digging for their roots.”


Ø Who give us the power to be complacent about unity in our adopted country?

“For God loves us so much. He gives us the opportunity to migrate to the land of opportunity to pursue the American dream. Now, we are enjoying the fruit of our labor. At best we become citizens and reside in the United States of America with our family.” – Manuelita (Ditta) Plaza Camomot

FHAM, Inc. a.k.a. IFAH™ Window of Opportunities and Challenges
(Data are based on Empirical Evidence about their culture and traditions)

v Leaving your legacy that endures… is one the most important documents you could leave to your future generation. Make time to write your legacy. The museum has a project “U Write it” “Bringing My Life Story to Light.” Writing is like an exercise, the more you do it the better the result. It is one form of solace if you are bored.

v Biographical sketches/personal narratives and oral recorded history will be placed in a safe place as documents at the museum.

v Innovation in literary endeavors: Constitutionally everyone has the “Right to speak and speak without fear” also the “Right to write and record your own life story without fear.”

v A good education is good for everybody. However, professional has more opportunity to write literary endeavors for own personal growth and satisfaction in life.

v We live out our identity as God’s children when we become true peacemakers, when we take on Christ’s nature of love, forgiveness and reconciliation

v As volunteers you become happier when you share knowledge and skills to next generations and beyond.

v It is everyone’s business to OPEN/CLOSE PURSE to support or not to support the FHAM, Inc. a.k.a. IFAH™ financially. However, if the museum is successful, everyone will benefit.

GIVING – is a beautiful word. It more or less “sings” as it is said. But, giving isn’t singing and yet in the eyes of GOD, it is one of the most profound tests of love and servitude.

Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum, Inc. “Pro-Legacy”

Why … FHAM, Inc. aka IFAH™ is here.
We are a welcoming museum. We welcome everybody.


Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum, Inc. (FHAM), was founded on January 08, 1995 in Newark Delaware. It is a non-profit, non-stock and non-political museum duly ® with the State of Delaware and ® in the U.S.A. Federal Government with Tax - ID 51-0372541. It is a Tax - Exempt under Code 501 (c) (3).

The museum is also known as Institution of Filipino Heritage™ because it houses documentations of living and deceased Americans of Filipino Descent’s memoirs, biographical sketches and or narratives having historical values and cultural anthropology. Artifacts and objects of importance are exhibited. - The “Gift of Legacy” Adults I Write It – Bringing My Life Story to Light ™, Bringing the Creative Side of Children,™ art exhibits, and leisure authentic opportunities are on-going activities. It also offers wide variety of annual educational and arts activities.

The Museum Development Board of Directors wishes to include its constituents in the planning of its activities. A process that is designed to take into account member’s idea and concerns in our motto - “U Help Make the Museum Grow


At FHAM, Inc. aka IFAH™, we are committed to the values of integrity and respect for all people. This allows people of all background and beliefs to work together in this museum in compliance with the American Disabilities Act.
Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum – Pro-Legacy
58 South Skyward Drive, Newark DE 19713

A SLOW AND STEADY PACE… PASS this flyer to your friends/relatives.
Email - mcamomot@verizon net Call (302) 731-5899 (Eastern Time) No answer try again


June 22, Conference “Philippine & Filipino American Women” at Delaware Technical Community College Direction: From North 195 South Exit 4B First light turn Right

June 05, (Sat) USS Olympia Battleship -Flag Raising: In 1898 USS Olympia was in Manila
Bay docked at Seaport Museum, Penn Landing, Philly All students are welcome.

June 12, (Sat) FUN-A-TERIA – Educational games at the Philippine Independence/Fiesta
at Jose Rizal/Bataan Memorials in Cooper River Park, Pensauken New Jersey

Dates/Venue is to be announced – Spring Classes, Public Speaking/Creative writing in
partnership with the Boys Scout of America Troup 603 DE - Thursday nights in May

August 07, (Saturday) everyone is invited … (Rain date August 08, (Sunday) at Battery
Park DE - Route 9 to East Old New Castle

October 24 (Sun)–Celebrate the Fil Am History Month –Dine and Donate - Venue TBA

[ ] START A FHAM CHAPTER - Become a Chapter President in your home state
[ ] LEGACY SOCIETY - All are invited, also educated men/women across USA
[ ] FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY (FHAM) – Donate any book (new slightly used)

ON-GOING ACTIVITIES - For Details Call Us.

v FHAM accepts oral recorded stories/personal written memoirs, biographical sketches and narratives from Fil Americans across USA. Accepts Goggle and Bing, write ups, articles, pictures, announcement of birth and obituary, etc. of Fil Ams Also clippings from newspapers, magazines, newsletters and flyers

v Travelling FHAM Exhibits - History, bio, religious activities, arts and culture
v Get Published - send any article/s to Bi-Annual Fil Am Heritage™ Magazine


1) Alliance of Two Hearts “Communion of Reparation All Night Vigil” is held on 1st Friday
and Saturday every month At St. Hedwig Church Chapel Wilmington Delaware
2) House Enthronement - Sponsored by the DE Alliance of Two Hearts Apostolate Group
3) Summer Sinulog - 3rd Sunday in August at St. Augustine Church in Philadelphia


Weekly – Art History Classes & Social at a Senior Center in Newark Delaware -
Bimonthly Meeting with FECGP & Other orgs in Philadelphia – Seaman Church
November 2010 Annual Meeting/Election Guests welcome Venue/date TBA

Suggested investment of $20 Proceeds will benefit FHAM programs - Address above
How to be a Member?

Five (5) Reasons to Join Happily! Attend Annual Meeting or Check Website

v Open to anyone - FREE and LOW membership. See below.
v Different choice of initiative/s you like to do. Call us for flyer.
v Service – Call FHAM headquarter or Chapter Presidents
v Send “Gift of Legacy” on personal history for your future generation to cherish and a document that will endure – Your Peace of Mind
v Service to others. Five will be selected Jefferson Awardee for public service.

FREE MEMBERSHIP [ ] Student [ ] Fund Raiser [ ] Author [ ] Poet [ ] Writer
[ ] Essayist [ ] Visual Artist [ ] Design Artist [ ] Folk Artist [ ] Media Artist [ ] Crafter [ ] Quilter [ ] Carpenter

Annual Membership: Regular Members/*Annual Support [ ] $5 Friend [ ] $35 Gold Member [ ] $50 Advocate [ ] Benevolence [ ] $100 *Program Support [ ] $150 Organization

Past & New Regular Members: Please be sure that your Membership at the museum is CURRENT. The annual membership is now rolling 12 month a year.

Send to: Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum, Inc.
58 South Skyward Drive, Newark DE 19713

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Museum Holdings and Collections

It is the only museum in the East Coast, located in Delaware. At present there is a motion that the museum might be transferred to Philadelphia oldest organization, the Filipino American Association of Philadelphia Inc. (FAAPI) The museum showcases special collection of “Preserved Past Memories: History, (Arts and culture) Biography, Personalities, and Religious Traditions and more.”

Holdings: include historical – time line from 15th -21st Century – rare and new books, manuscripts, maps, prints, photographs, pamphlets, ephemeras, Philippine American War 1899 - 1902, WWII documents, immigration laws and documents. books, souvenir programs, flyers, etc. Presidential Proclamation Public Law 102 - 450: Asian Pacific Month (May) and Delaware House of Representatives and Senate Tributes, rare records of 1898 Republic of the Philippine Independence and 1998 Celebration of the Philippine Independence in New York, Tourism and International stamp collections. Other holdings: Arts, reproductions, religious artifacts, shells and contemporary amenities: wearable arts, textiles, native costumes, arts of nature, animal and commemorative quilts Without a building and coupled with security problems all special holdings are boxed..

However, clippings of biographies and friends and faces from different states collection from newspaper, magazines, flyers and photos of festivities and pop culture traditions and activities are available in the Traveling Museum Exhibitions. In the summer/fall harvest – a donation is taken for plants seeds indigenous to the Philippines.

Ongoing Need for Philippine Objects of Interest

FHAM, Inc. aka IFAH™ is a repository of historical, cultural, modern, indigenous arts and artifacts of the Philippines. It includes folk dances, music, and folkloric curiosities such as tribal accessories, costumes, jewelry and handicrafts. We collect costumes made from pineapple fiber called pina and special kinds of cloth made from abaca. In our spiritual heritage gallery, we collect new or old devotional icons or santos. We also collect all kinds of Philippine shells, sand from different Philippine beaches and decorative shell products

Our resource library needs more books and reading materials. We accept family heirlooms, mementos such as passports; Filipino costumes men and women, yoyos, quilts and narrative anthologies from Americans of Filipino descent. We urgently need Filipinos and Filipino Americans artworks.

This site encourages all people in the community to contribute all photographs of historical importance, especially a video of the International Exposition in Missouri in 1904 and the Folk-Life Exhibition “Pahiyas” (Philippine Harvest) in Washington D.C. in 1998 and stamps.

At the present time, this museum is aggressively collecting Filipino – Americans biographical sketch and/or narratives materials or documents that they have written.

You can also give financial gift to buy artifact that you like or in-kind gift to the museum. Your gift is TAX DEDUCTIBLE

FYI: Works in Progress for its Capital Campaign. At present time, the artifacts/documents are stored in boxes and kept at the founder’s home. It is not open to the public because of zoning and safety constraints. However, the Traveling Museum Preserved Past Memories Exhibit: History, Biography, Personalities, Arts, Culture, Religious Traditions and more are on invitation basis only.

Gallery I – Philippine Arts and Craft exhibits: Folkloric Curiosities

[ ] Birth of the Philippines [ ] Phase I - Stone Age [ ] Phase II – Gathering Stage [ ] Phase III - Pastoral Stage
[ ] Ethnic Groups – Extant Culture and Folkloric Curiosities

Gallery II – The Philippines History Exhibits and Library

[ ] Exhibits; Spanish Influence – Time Line
Exploration and Other Invaders of the Philippines
Philippine Discovery and Acceptance of Christianity
Spanish Manila Acapulco Galleon Trade and Shipwreck
1898 Philippine Independence from Spain

[ ] Exhibits: American Influences – Time Line
Philippine American War 1898 – 1902
Philippine Expositions and Exhibitions in the United States of America
International Exposition in Missouri 1904 – Video
The First Philippine Exposition June 1912
World War II (Pacific Theater – Philippine Campaign)
July 4, 1946-1996 - 50th Philippine Independence (USA)
1998 Folk-Life Exhibition: “Pahiyas” (Philippine Harvest) and the Centennial Celebration of the Philippine Independence (Spain)

Gallery III – The Philippines - One Nation One Race

Filipiniana: Iconological Devotional Santos – Sanctuary of Religious Arts
Rizaliana: Jose Rizal and other visionaries

Gallery IV – Malacological Collection of Philippine Shell and Jewelry

Gallery V – Philippine Tourism

Gallery VI – Woven Wonders: Philippine Textile: Beauty and Tradition

Gallery VII – Glimpses of Philippine Culture through Folk Dances and Music

Gallery VIII – Filipino – Americans Time Line

Books & More: Migration, Biographies, Personalities, Memoirs and Narratives (Archives)
a) Diaspora Phase
Filipino American personalities and visionaries narratives (Deceased and Living)
Americans of Filipino HERITAGE™ “Magazine and other memorabilia

Gallery IX– International/Philippine Stamps and Fil Ams Business Cards & More
Gallery X – Philippine Food (Cooking) and Folk Remedies
Gallery XI - Permanent Venue – Philippine Arts from Filipino - American Artists
Gallery XII – Changing (Temporary) Art Venue – Adults (Recreation) and Children

The planned galleries exhibits are arranged by categories. Quotations are avoided to make accounts more flowing and avoid academic presentation of information. Minimal editing is done to make accounts and articles to be more focused and concise.


BECOME A CHAPTER PRESIDENT IN YOUR OWN STATE -to help collect “i Write it” Bringing My Life Story to Life™ A Gift of Legacy

FHAM, Inc. a.k.a. IFAH™ collects also”

1) Published clippings of Filipino Americans who made outstanding contributions to the following areas: Lifetime Achievement in Community Service, Communication, Literary, Arts & Culture, Entrepreneurship, Medicine, Science & Technology, Youth & Corporate, Entertainment and Public Affairs.
2) Listing of active Filipino American organizations and their accomplishments
3) Obituaries of Filipino Americans.
4) Collect Business, Post Cards and all used stamps.

The newly formed Chapter – the President - also the Executive Director is urged to collect unpublished and edited with consent to publish in the HERITAGE™ Magazine. Each Chapter will have to compile its own book for the next edition of Discover Our Filipino American History. Then a copy of the annual edition with completed Consent and Release form is sent to the museum headquarter.


A. The New Chapter or Friend of FHAM, Inc. must have at least five (5) to ten (10) paid –up members
Annual membership [ ] $5 Friend [ ] $35 Gold Member [ ] $50 Advocate
[ ] $100 Museum Supporter
B Each Chapter must be governed by elected MDBD.

C All members of the new Chapter must adhere to the missions, visions and
traditions of the museum. Chapter status must be non-profit, non-stock and
non-political under Section 501 ( c ) (3) of the IRS Code of 1998.

D The proposed Chapter may be organized by local (county) or state level.

E The relationship between FHAM, a. k. a, IFAH™ and the different
FHAM, Inc a.k.a. IFAH™ is a two way-affair. There will be shared
services on research and development and on its incumbency


When officially chartered, museum name Filipino heritage and Arts Museum
a.k.a. Institution of Filipino American Heritage™ must be used, Chapter be
managed by MDBD in the _____________County ______State


All Chapter members are bona fide members of FHAM, Inc. aka. IFAH™. They are subject to the same rules and regulations. Each Chapter collects initial fee, membership and deductible donation to fund the Chapter. Each Chapter retains two thirds (2/3), one third (1/3) will be given to the museum headquarter. A Financial/Expense Report in the Calendar Year - December must be submitted to the Museum Headquarter as required by LAW, FHAM, In aka IFAH™ Income/Expenses at tax time.


A. There are two (2) elective positions. Term of Office: Three (3) years. Can be reelected in the same position for another three (3) years. The Chapter President also becomes the Executive Director, Two (2) VP (First VP will assume the presidency when vacancy occurs. The second (2nd) VP will assume the treasurer’s position when a vacancy occurs. Appointed positions - secretary and treasurer. Note: In no way the treasurer is related to the Chapter President.

B. After two terms of office as Chapter President he/she will select one of the voluntary indefinite positions. Board of Adviser, and or Board of Trustees

C. In the first three years – two (2) Interim –Co-chairpersons must be appointed. One must assume the position as Interim President and Interim Treasurer when all the elected MDBD will resign in mass. Services end if the new MDBD is formally elected.

D. If any of the officers wants to apply for a grant-in-aid to fund a project/program – guidelines of grantor must be followed. The grant writer gets paid for his/her service. A Financial Grant Report MUST be submitted to the Museum Headquarter in the Calendar or end of year for Tax Purposes to avoid IRS audit.

E. After Chapter MDBD members have a clearer understanding of the museum’s mission, visions, traditions, purposes, rules and regulations, the president must send the completed Registration, with postal/email addresses of the charter members of the MDBD plus membership payment of -1/3 quota. Use Standard Registration Form.

F. Upon receipt of the Chapter Registration, a Confirmation will be sent to the Chapter President – the Executive Director signed by the museum head quarter MDBD will be sent to the new chapter.

G. Q&A – Contact M. “Ditta” Camomot – Executive Director (302) 731- 5899

Do you have any suggestions on how this Filipino museum will be able to serve you?


Attention Americans of Filipino ancestry: Resolve to make your “Gift of Legacy,” This is your gift for your future children who need our help now. Who will do it for them, if we
don’t do it NOW? No matter what your condition in life rich, middle class, or poor, you can help. You can contribute at your comfort level and make a difference through financial donation. If not able to do so, network or tell others or pass it on to people who can benefit FHAM Inc.

Adults Project: “U Write It” Bringing My Lie Story to Light™ to be saved and preserved (living/deceased) History, .Children Programming: “Leadership Training”, “Bringing the Creative Side of Children™ and Museum Exhibitions. It is possible that your own children or your future children can reap the benefits from the museum offerings.

Annual Membership: Be sure that your membership at the museum is current. Choices below
[ ] $5 Friend [ ] $35 Gold member [ ] $50 Advocate
[ ] $100 Museum Support
Organization: [ ] $5 Research and Development [ ] $50 Benevolence [ ] $150 Organization Collaboration
Or be a member buy 50/50 museum stamped tickets for $10 – an opportunity to be presented a gift™
[ ] Life $500 [ ] Life payment $102 annually for 5 years
[ ] Joint $800 – ( Joint payment for $163 annually for 5 years)

(Tulong Galing Sa Puso) We are asking your resolve to help™

FYI – Contribution’s name will be posted in the ADD ON display board

Capital Fund CHOICES
Memorial (Allamanda “Kampanilya”) $1K+
Patron (Jasmine “Sampaguita” Society) $2K+
Sponsor – (Vanda “Waling-W” Society) $ 3K+
Benefactor (Narra Society) $ 4K+
Circle of Friends Society $ 5K+
Visionary/Preservationist $10K+

Please cut form below --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From the Heart Capital Bayanihan Fund Pledge
Check your Monthly Pledge (Cumulative) in Three (3) Years

My Pledge [ ] Pennies [ ] $ 1 [ ] $10 [ ] $25 [ ] $50 [ ] $100 [ ] $200 and or “Enclosed Outright Contribution’ $________

Check Choice of Capital Fund Pledge [ ] Memorial [ ] Patron [ ] Sponsor [ ] Benefactor [ ] Circle of Friends [ ] Builder/Visionary [ ] Legacy Society
Your Signature ____________________________________ Date_________________

Write a check to FHAM, Inc.

Send to: Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum, 58 South Skyward Dr., Newark DE 19713

Memorial Registry

Please be informed that FHAM, Inc. aka IFAH™ has an on-going MEMORIAL REGISTRY PROGRAM. You can have your departed loved one’s record stored as museum documents. Obituaries are considered historical records. Requires a fee of $500+

To complete the Memorial Registry Program the life story of the departed love ones photo is required. Life Story of the deceased must be edited, unpublished in one page typed format

Requirement – Photo

Make sure photo is unpublished and not copyrighted. Copyrighted photo cannot be processed.
A digital photo or snapshot is fine but not damaged.
Photo will be scanned and sized to fit space of certificate. Do not send pre-scanned photo.
Photo/s cannot be returned
Donations are used to build the museum or for maintenance


Send to Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum
58 South Skyward Dr., Newark DE 19713

Outstanding Filipino American Organizations in the USA

Institution of Filipino American Heritage™ IFAH™)

Important Mission: Education: Preservation of Filipino American History (Arts and Culture and Legacy

Founder - Manuelita (Ditta) Plaza Camomot, M.A. (Newark DE) email mcamomot@verizon net (She hails from Surigao Del Norte Philippines) Tireless champion in collecting and preserving the legacy and history of Filipino Americans (Living and deceased)

Co-founders are Constantino Camomot, Mildred Lombardi, Carolina Nazareno, Manuel/Leticia Tibayan and Dr. Bonifacia Yap

1. The museum was founded on January 08, 1995. The name is Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum. Maximo Victoria was elected for two term as president – 1995 – 2001

2. Received the Certificate of Incorporation from the State of Delaware on November 20, 1995. The Delaware Franchise file is # 25631333 by the company corporation.

FYI: A nonprofit corporation is subject to laws and regulations including its own
Articles of Incorporation/bylaws, in which may allow any person who is a member of the corporation or its board to influence to one degree or another direction of the organization whether or not the founder is in accord. However, in a Delaware corporation the founder can control decisions, because no outside direction or officers are needed. – Delaware Incorporation Book

3. On December 05, 1995, The Company Corporation of Delaware approved FHAM, Inc. application for Statutory Representations. To avoid penalties annual fees should be paid in January every year.

4. Collaborated with the Polish American “AMPOL” in Delaware in the Celebration of the 50th Years Anniversary of the WWII (1945 – 1995)

5. In 1997 Application for Recognition of exemption under 501 ( c ) (3) Status - Included were activities and operational information about the Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum

Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum has initiated a number of activities since its opening in 1998 and will continue to undertake extensive activities that will provide educational, religious, literary and research opportunities not only to its founding members but also to the public in general.

The educational purposes of FHAM include the procurement of relics, artifacts and other expression of the fine arts produced over the centuries and continued productions of art works, murals, pictures, hand-made products dioramas etc., that will depict the different periods of Philippine history.

The activities that will be undertaken by FHAM will be extension of what have already been presented to the public example conferences and will in the future include symposiums, historical lectures and classes, dances, Zarzuela (plays) either live or on video.

Since the Filipino culture generally centers on religion, religious presentations will be made through festivals that will features the “Sinulog” (River Dance), the “AtiAtihan” (Black Faced Dancers) other prayer dancers or art form, religious songs and verses.

FHAM will encourage the publication of books, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, brochures and the like that reflect Philippine folklore and the unique lifestyle of the Filipino people. The sale of these published materials will be part of the fund raising of the museum, and samples of the works will be exhibited in a specialized library for materials basically Filipino and will be open to everyone interested in the culture other than his/her own.

FHAM started research and development program and these will continue through donations and grants. Delaware Humanities Forum, a state program of the National Endowment of Humanities granted FHAM, Inc. $2,914.00 for the Annual Filipino American Youth Conference on June 4, 1997. The organization will apply for capital fund grant from the Delaware Communities Foundation and from the Delaware Division of Arts, a state program of the National Endowment of the Arts.

The organization greatly depends its funding on donations and grants for its operation: hence this application is for IRS determination letter for public recognition of the FHAM (501)(C)( 3 ) Tax Exempt Status

6. On March 02, 1998, FHAM, Inc was approved as (501) (C) (3) by the IRS Code Exempt from Federal Income Tax.
FHAM, Inc. a.k.a. IFAH™ Shared Missions:

Primary Purposes:

Uphold the constitution of the United States of American.
Develop leadership skills in literary endeavors to children and youth, in order to compete in the ever-changing world socially, economically and politically. (Long range Planning)
Promote the development of individual Independent and endowed artistic vision.
Aim for visibility of arts and culture in the community.
Promote social change: Filipino American helping Filipino American in order to save and preserve it’s living and deceased history as a gift of legacy to the future generation.
Foster Philippine traditions.

Ground Purposes:
Promote involvement with other organization in community service.
Promote the Filipino American “Power of Collective Giving” across USA.
Plan sustainable business ventures, insuring financial flexibility in its service.
Promote forgiveness and reconciliation for a better world.
Aim at wellness, fitness, fellowship and recreational fun for seniors.

Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum, Inc. Accomplishments Timeline

FHAM, Inc. Received Tributes from the Delaware House of the Representative and Senate in its Annual Programming.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Collection of artifacts, books, art works and biographical sketches/narratives (living and deceased) from Filipino Americans and art works, etc, from children and young adults from across United States of America.

H 138-1607 Tribute: Philippine Independence 1946 - 1996
H 138-1608 Tribute: Opening Celebration of the Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum, Inc.
v Centennial Celebration Mass in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal Death Anniversary on December 08, 1996 at Olde St. Augustine Church in Philadelphia. Rev. Fr. Richard Pido O.S.A. a Filipino Priest officiated the mass.

H 139-1604 Tribute: 1st Annual Filipino American Youth Conference Theme “Sinulog” Grant Writer Manuelita Camomot
Recipient of $ 2914.00 Grant Money from the Delaware Humanities Forum, a State Program of the National Endowment of the Humanities. Grant Writer Manuelita P. Camomot
v Applied as Nonprofit and Tax Exempt entity.
v E. Michael Angulo Esq reviews and revises the FHAM, Inc Bylaws

v FHAM, Inc. was approved as (501)( C )( 3 ) organization on March 02, 1998.
Recipient of $3000,00 from the Delaware Humanities Forum, a State Program of the National Endowment of the Humanities
H 139-1657 Tribute: 2nd Annual Youth Conference Theme: AtiAtihan - Santo Nino Grant Writer Mildred Lombardi
H 139-2128 Tribute to the Centennial Celebration of the Philip-pine Independence on June 12, 1898 (Spanish government)
v FHAM, Inc, members attended the June 12, Centennial Indepen- dence Parades in New York and June 18, in Philadelphia.
v “Pahiyas – Philippine Harvest” at the Smithsonian Folk life Festival in collaboration of the Centennial Celebration of the Philippine Independence Festival in Washington D.C. on July 03, 1998. It was attended by Mildred Lombardi and Ditta Camomot FHAM, Inc. officers.
v Attended the historic unveiling of the Jose Rizal Monument on August 15, 1998 as part of the Centennial Celebration of the Philippine Independence. This historic event was accomplished through the efforts of the Philippine Commission and Camden Board of Chosen Freeholders, Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia Inc., Jose Rizal Centennial Inc. and Jose Rizal Committee at Cooper River Park , Cherry Hill New Jersey.

v Bill Roth (R) – a senator from Delaware was the head of the Senate Finance Committee. He took over the sponsorship of the bill “Special Benefits for WWII Veterans” from his colleague in the senate who died. Eric Lachica, the Executive Director of the American Coalition for Filipino Veterans – lobbied for this bill. On October 20, 1999, he asked the help of FHAM. Inc. (DE) MDBD members to gather signatures. After a thousand signatures were received by Congress, President William Jefferson Clinton (D) signed the bill into “Public Law 106-169 “The Foster Care Independent Act with the section “Special Benefits for Certain WWII Vets” on December17, 1999.
H140-5020 Tribute: Symposium on Centennial Philippine Remembrance 1899 – 1999 Philippine History and Diversity
v FHAM, Inc. received a Certificate of Appreciation from Jose Magana - FECGP President.

H 140-1861 Tribute: Recognition of the Cultural History provided to the community. And also Appreciation for the Many Contributions and Services which Benefit Delawarean Workshop Seminar Theme: Filipino Cultural History
v Attended the 102nd Flag Rising and Entertainment at USS Olympia at Penns Landing Philadelphia on June 11, 2000.
v FHAM, inc has exhibited its collections at the Newark Free Library in Newark Delaware

v In attendance with the Catholic Youth Ministry Conference in which Miss Angela Perez Baraquio, Miss 2001 Miss America, a Filipino American was the Keynote Speaker on February 13, 2001 at Ursuline Academy in Wilmington Delaware
H 141 – 440 Tribute: In Recognition of Annual Celebration Theme: The Philippines, Then and Now
S 141-1900 Tribute Annual History Day of the Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum, Inc.

v Two Presidents were elected in one year. Tito Valbuena in January 2002 & Remigio Tabangin Jr. in June 2002
H 141 - 1517 – Tribute: 7th Filipino History Day
v Annual Filipino Day – Two Themes:
1. Memories of the Forgotten War – Centennial Celebration
(1902 -2002)
2. 60th Anniversary of the Bataan Death March (1942-2002)
v In Attendance in Summer Sinulog 2002 at Olde St. Augustine Church in Philadelphia.

v Joylyn Pascual was elected president in 2003
H 141 -327 Tribute: 8th Annual Filipino Day
v Annual Filipino Day – Glimpse of the Philippine Culture through Dance and Music – President/Program Director - Joylyn Pascual
v FHAM, Inc. Talent Shows on October 25, and December 13, 2003

v Leticia Tibayan was elected President in 2004
v Filipino American Youth Conference Theme – Santa Cruzan
- A Philippine Religious Cultural Tradition
v Recipient of $3,000.00 Grant from the Delaware Humanities Forum a State Program of the National Endowment of the Humanities. Grant Writer Mildred Lombardi
v The 106 Philippine Independence Parade in New York Sunday on June 6, 2004 and Picnic on June 12, 2004 at Cherry Hill NJ.
v Jefferson Awardees for Public Service are

v Manuelita P. Camomot was elected President for two term 2005 -2011
v Congress of the United States of America approved Public Law 102-450 Proclamation of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month (May) and President George Bush signed it. The founder sent a letter to the Office of the President asking for the proclamation. They responded and the proclamation was received by the MDBD.
v Conference Theme 60th Year Anniversary WWII (Pacific Theater Philippine Campaign 1945 -2005
v Recipient of $3000.00 Grant from the Delaware Humanities Forum a State program of the National Endowment of the Humanities Grant Writer Mildred Lombardi
v Delaware Unity Mass with Rev. Fr. Rene Mangahas on January 2, 2005 at Holy Angel Church.
v Received an Appreciation Certificate from CFC – DE
v January 8, 2005 FHAM, Inc. Celebrated the 10th Anniversary
Dinner Dance was celebrated at the Holiday Inn in Newark Delaware
v Erica Bernardo – was selected as Binibining Filipinas Delaware on June 5, 2005 the Philippine Independence in New York.
v Jefferson Awardees for Public Service are Manuelita Camomot, Mildred Lombardi, Carolina Nazareno, Dr. Bonifacia Yap and Curt Camomot

v 2006

v FHAM, Inc. Museum Development Board of Director approved that the museum is also known as Institution of Filipino American Heritage.™ (IFAH™)
v Children Programming was presented directed by Romelita Angeles.
v Jefferson Awardees for Public Service are Maximo Victoria Jr., Estela T. Borger, Drs Rene & Evelyn Bondoc. Alili Fetizanan and Melencia Burke


v FHAM, Inc. MDBD – approved the Traveling Museum – Theme: Preserved Past Memories: History, Biography, Arts, Culture, Personalities and Religious Traditions.
v First Travelling Museum exhibition was at Our Lady of Hope Church, 5200 N. broad St. Philadelphia on the 90th Anniversary of Filipino American Association of Philadelphia. Inc. (FAAPI)
Museum Programs Info Call (302) 731-5899 (3-9pm Eastern Time Zone) No answer try again.
Traveling FHAM, Inc. Museum – Theme: Preserved Past Memories: History, Biography, Personalities, Arts, Culture and Religious Traditions (Note: Any article copy is a $1 a page)
Filipino American Heritage™ Magazine (Who, What, When and Where)
Gift of legacy™ An emerging Writing community Initiative “U Write it” “Bringing My Life Story to Light”
Museum Holdings and Collections the museum aggressively sought collections of artworks, books and articles from artists, authors writers and Poets.
Children Leadership Training (Poetry and literary activities) and “Bringing the creative side of children” Arts activities for all ages
Jefferson Awardees for Public Service are Eric Lachica, Dr. Rommel Rivera, Gwen Devera, Michael Wallace Jones Dr. Emilio Valdes

v FHAM, Inc. became national as approved by the MDBD. A Community Announcement U Write It “Bringing Your life Story to Light was written to 2.5 Million Filipino American. Flyers were sent to different Consulates and Embassy in USA in order to reach out to Filipino Americans across USA.
v Traveling Exhibition at the Independence celebration and Fiesta at the Cooper River - Jose Rizal and Bataan Death March Monuments in Cherry Hill New Jersey.
v Jefferson Awardees for Public Service are

v Filipino American Heritage™ Magazine was founded on July 4, 2009 by Manuelita Camomot – Because of problems beyond our control – the first issue was started in 2010.
v Traveling Exhibition at the Philippine Fiesta in Meadowland Exposition Center in Secaucus New Jersey.
v First Charity Ball was held at the Newark Senior Center. Jefferson Awardees were Dr. Rommel Rivera, Eric Lachica, Gwen Devera, Michael Wallace Jones and Dr. Emilio Valdes.
v FHAM and Friends – among educated men and women in the USA and the Philippines is initiated.
v Recipient of the Census Bureau Partnership Support Program of the In-kind promotional materials for $3K. Manuelita camomot was the grant writer.
v FHAM. Inc. was audited by IRS. They required Part II Schedule A - that the museum programs must be Educational, Literary Religious (Arts and Culture) and Research Opportunities. This is submitted to the IRS.
v Jefferson Awardees for Public Service are

v Annual Filipino American Youth Conference Titled: Philippine and Filipino American Women’s Conference on May 22, 2009. Grant funding is being applied from the Delaware Humanities Forum, a state program of the Endowment of the Humanities Grant Writer Mildred Lombardi
v Museum Flyer in Partnership Support Program of the Census Bureau To do … Aggressive Networking and Capital Campaign


NEWARK DE 19713 -2843


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Founded in 1917 by Agripino Jaucian - a Merchant Marine in
Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Los Angeles California
Founded in 1985 by Helen Agcaoili Summers Brown, M.A.
Tireless champion of Filipino heritage and civil rights of

Seattle Washington
Founded in 1986 by Dorothy Laigo Cordova, Ph.D. in Seattle
Washington State
Note: Declared that October 18 is Filipino American History Month in honor of the seven Filipinos who landed in Morro Bay California on October 18, 1587
3) FILIPINO AMERICAN CENTER (FAC) – Old Dominion University
- College of Arts and Letters (Virginia)
Founded in 1995 by Juan Montero, M.D. (VA) (He hails from Surigao Del Sur Philippines)


a.k.a. Philippine Community Center


v Founder – Azucena (Nena) Lozada Kaufman – (NY) (She hails from Surigao Del Sur Philippines)



1) FILIPINO ASSOCIATION of Greater Kansas City Our
2) Philippine Folk Arts Society (PFASI)
3) Philippine Mutya – Dance Troupe


Send to: Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum
58 South Skyward Drive
Newark DE 19713 -2843

[ ] NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION _______________________________________________________________________
What kind of organization? [ ] Educational [ ] Charitable [ ] Literary [ ] Welfare/Wellbeing [ ] Immigration [ ] Other ______________________
[ ] Founder/s
[ ] Mission/s
Description of organization’s services


Send to Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum, Inc.
58 South Skyward Drive, Newark DE 19713

[ ] Author [ ] Writer [ ] Playwright [ ] Artist [ ] Philanthropist
[ ] Writer
[ ] Accomplishments/Achievements
Additional comments ________________________________________________
[ ] Copy of the Obituary__ [ ] Enclosed [ ]

*Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum (FHAM, Inc. aka IFAH™)

FAQ – Means “Frequently Asked Questions” A- Means Answer

FAQ – What did FHAM offer (promise) IRS on its application for Tax Exempt Status?
A – 1) FHAM Inc. 1997 as Educational, Religious (Historical Arts and Culture), Literary
and Research and Development Corp. (Entity)
2) Approved 501 © (3) Exempt Status Fee of documents upon request is $25

FAQ – Why do we file Income Tax; when we are Tax Exempt entity? What is form 990?
A – It’s the LAW to file Income Tax using Form 990. FHAM Inc. files because “Donor’s Contributions” are “Tax Deductable.” Where to send the Income Tax Return (Form 990)

1) Department of the Treasury 2) Department of the Treasury
IRS District Director Internal Revenue Service
Group 7211 – Stop 504-D Ogden UT 84201 – 0034
401 W. Peachtree St. Atlanta GA 30365

3) Department of the Treasure 4) Department of the Treasury
IRS District Director IRS District Director
P.O. Box 2508 P.O. Box 192
Cincinnati OH 45201 Covington KY 41012-0192929

FAQ – What is the consequence of not filing Income Tax Return for Tax Exempt Corporation?
A – A non-profit employee is subject to fines of $25 dollar every day they fall short of filing Form 990 up to a maximum of $10,000.00 per return. A $5,000.00 penalty for “Willful Failure” can be applied. In some cases IRS deletes corporation from their annual list of qualified charities (Pub. 78) or lose 501 (c) (3) statuses.

FAQ – 1) What is Public Charity Status of 501 (c) (3) entities?
2) What is “Quid Pro Quo”?
A – 1) Public Charity Status receives support are from the general public.
2) IRS defines quid pro quo as a payment made partly as contribution & partly in
consideration for goods and services provided to the payer by the donee entity.

FAQ – Why do we keep records/documents of the Treasurer, and Recording Secretaries?
A - All monthly and annual documents MUST be filed in the BOOK OF THE CORPORATION Documents must be available in case of IRS audits and lawsuits. Books are in the care of MANUELITA P. CAMOMOT and/or her replacement.

FAQ - Why do we pay Annual Franchise Fee? What is the penalty for late payment?
A – It is our license to operate in the State of Delaware. On March 1, the penalty is $100 plus 1.5% interest monthly.

FAQ – Why do we pay Annual Incorporation Fee?
A – Annual incorporation fee must be paid for statutory representations.

FAQ – Why do we conduct in December Annual Meeting and Election?
A 1) FHAM Inc. Bylaws states – Election will be conducted every three (3) year
FHAM, Inc aka IFAH ™ - as a Non - Profit, Non – Exempt Entity must comply to IRS Law – To complete form 990 – Complete this form annually at end of December.

Send to: Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum
58 South Skyward Dr, Newark DE 19712

_______________Year Financial/Expense
Report of Chapter President Place: __________________________________________________________________
Chapter President’s Name______________________________________________________________
I - a) Federated Campaigns $_______________
b) Membership Dues Total $ _______________
c) Fundraising Events $________________
d) Related Organizations $________________
e) Government Grants (Contribution) $_______________
f) All other contributions, gifts, grants
& similar amounts not included above $_______________
Total contributions Add lines 1 a -1f $ ______________

II - Program Service revenue Business Code $______________
Non-Cash/In-kind contributions

Investment Income (including dividends,
interest & other similar accounts) $____________

Other revenues
3) Gross amount of sales of assets $_____________
4) a) Gross Income from fund raising $_______________
b) Less Direct expenses $_______________
Subtract direct expenses from gross Income $____________
Total Income $___________

Office expenses $__________
Advertising and promotion $_________
Travel $_________
Meeting $_________
Conferences $_________
Other expenses
a) ___________________ $ ________
b) ___________________ $________
c) ___________________ $________
Total Expenses $_________________
Total Net Balance (Subtract expenses from revenue) $_________________

Did the organization document the meeting held or written actions during the years? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Bill of Rights – FHAM Inc. aka IFAH™ Members

· You may invite friends and relatives to attend the Annual Museum Programs and Social Activities.
· You may invite yourself or anybody to become participant in the on-going museum projects – educational (arts and culture) literary (prose and poetry) religious activities and research and development.
· You may be a part of something big “U Write it” - Bringing My Life Story to Light™ Submit unpublished and edited narrative. A token is accepted for document storage.
· You may be appointed as Chapter President. A certificate is given to you when you join us. Duties: Collect bios/narratives from workaholic friends and relatives. You may be selected as Jefferson Awardees for Public Service.
· You may be a candidate to the MDBD. (President/VP’s are Elective positions – Term 3 years - December Election.) If elected you can prepare your installation program ASAP, but your actual term of office begins after April 15 when the out-going president has submitted the Non - Profit tax return. Note: (Treasurer will not be related to the elected officers.) Approved 2004 Diversity - Non-Filipino is tapped.
· You may petition at least four (4) FHAM Inc MDBD (elected or appointed) for special meeting to consider matters that may affect the affairs of the museum.
· You have the right to demand a free tax deductible receipt for your financial and In-Kind (Good/Commodities other than money) contributions.
· You may be responsible for your artworks and artifacts if you are an art lender/seller
· You may be criticized if you are a museum volunteer. If you are a responsible volunteer, you must live with it.
· You may obtain a copy of the Annual Report. A $25 fee is required to cover printing.
· You have the privilege to submit a complaint/gripes/grievance to the Recording Secretary. Refer – Grievance procedure XVIII.

Standard of Excellence … Members’ Responsibilities

· You need to follow the code of ethics. Do not do anything that could hurt the museum, the MDBD and fellow members.
· If you have elective or appointive positions in the museum, you need to show accountability, commitment to the aims, visions and traditions of the museum.
· You need to follow fundamental values of honesty, integrity, fairness, trust, responsibility and accountability. You need to treat others with respect.
· You need to create things in a positive way.

Resource Library
i. Library Membership Fee - $25
ii. A $20 refundable fee – when borrowing books videos, audio and visual material. Special rates apply to costumes and artifacts.


To Filipino Americans across America, we invite you to submit a Biographical Sketch – two copies of typewritten page are required, a photo and annual membership fee “Support the Gift of Legacy.” Each of us has a life story to tell. Our history is hidden in our story. Do not be afraid to follow the “principle of Leaving a Trace” for the next generation. If you want to be published in the Filipino-American HERITAGE Magazine a one time fee is required. [ ] $100 – one page [ ] $60 ½ page [ ] $35 ¼ page

FYI – We have a choice to act on behalf of the Americans whose ancestry is Filipino. Writing a personal legacy story is rarely easy. Take it one step at a time. You have your own talents and dreams and must make statement in a personal way. No one is perfect, so make sure to mix a little love and understanding to the cause. Thus if we do this, we are standing shoulder to shoulder with Filipino Americans and make us stronger as a people.

Filipino American Dictionary 101: (Community Excellence) Seeks names (living or deceased) identifying personal accomplishments that has made a positive difference in the community.

Gold Book: Filipino-American Biographies – Requirement a page edited memoir to be book-bound in five (5) + years.

Filipino-American HERITAGE Magazine: Seeks unpublished stories

1) Community achievement – Short Accounts of accomplishments.
2) Humble Beginning – practicing doctors, dentists, business owners etc.
3) Anecdote – short account of interesting stories or humorous incidents.
4) Arts, photos and poems.
5) True Stories of hope and inspiration – from God’s miraculous ways.

About my Province (RP) and Me (USA) 101 Seeks photo album/scrap book

Memories Remembered 101 Seeks founders/presidents of organization Accomplishments

Filipino-American Genealogy 101 Seeks your baby’s or children “Family Tree Chart”.

Memorial Registry 101 – Seeks Biographical sketch of deceased relatives.

WWII Veterans – Seeks stories from them that have been locked in their memory for a long time.

Filipino-Americans – 2nd – 3rd Generations) Seeks stories from immigrant parents or grandparent.

*Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum, Inc. “Pro-Legacy”
Institution of Filipino-American Heritage™ “Preserving the Past Memories to Build the Future”

Dear Friends,

Hello! Everyone, whether you are in the other side of the world, in the neighboring states, or just down the street, welcome to the Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum in the East Coast.

FYI; Filipino-Americans are one of our important assets. A new initiative – U Write it “Bringing My Life Story to Light” is one way to save our living/deceased history. The 2.5+ million

Americans are invited to join. And we welcome everyone – you, your friends and relatives.

In 2007, the museum became national and a “Traveling Museum.” It is available to Filipino organizations. Volunteers should shoulder the transportation/return expenses. We want to hear from you.

On 07/14/08 – Filipino-Americans HERITAGE™ Magazine was founded. It was launched in the spring of 2009.

Please email your ideas and suggestions to

Sgd - Manuelita “Dta” Camomot Founder/President 2005 – 2011
Short Biography of Manuelita Plaza Camomot Email
Phone – (302) 731-5899 Call 3-9PM (Eastern Time) No answer try again

Philippine born, an educator in the Philippines, a naturalized American, she founded the Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum in 1995 and Filipino-American HERITAGE Magazine in 2008. She is an author, writer, historian, documentarian, amateur poet, master gardener, responsible for the books of the corporation, and IRS (Form 990) compiler for the museum. She has received many awards and citations including the Jefferson Award for Public Service

She has an engaging personality, agitating the Filipino-American community for societal change. Always questioning the Filipino Americans “Who will write the Filipino American history”? She dreams that one day the community will be united into saving and preserving their history thru the Gift of Legacy™ for the future generation to cherish. She goes anywhere and talks one on one to Filipino -Americans about the programs and activities of the museum.

She is retired from Du-Pont Co. in Delaware. At present, in her seventies, she continues to work part time at Hope Dining Room – a soup kitchen in Newark, Delaware as a Volunteer Coordinator. She also works in the Delaware Department of Election as an Election Inspector.

Old Way – FHAM, Inc collection holdings: Historical Timeline from 15th –21st Century
Memories Sought for a Plan to Tell the New Filipino American History

Tell us about it - stories and the many voices – for a new History of the Filipino American to be written by volunteers. Regular folks tell their personal stories. Photos can help as a series of oral history. Be sure to label photos because it will become the sender’s historical post card. Only unpublished stories will be included in this book. The published articles will be part of the Filipino American Memorabilia.

Questionnaires below – it is time to examine our identity because our past is the gateway to the present. Personal stories with dates are very important. Send your unpublished edited written story.

1) Why did you come to America? What are your experiences coming to America? How is your life now different from the life you left? Explain

2) Are you one of the many Filipino professionals who come to the USA? What is your profession? Would you like to write a legacy letter to your children about what you have accomplished in life? Your life story is important to them. Do not delay.

3) Who are your ancestors before you came to America? What is the significance of their name and their educational background?

4) Do your children; who were brought up here in America have the same values as you, their parents? What were your family values, customs and traditions in the Philippines?

5) Are you an American, married to a Filipino, who had lived or visited the Philippines? You can write your observation about the Filipino people.

6) Are you a Filipino married to an American? What are your impressions about life being married to an American? Send us your photos.

7) Why and when did you decide to become a naturalized citizen of USA?

8) Are you an elected President, a publisher of a Filipino American organization in the 50 states of USA? Please share your newsletter, souvenir program, any write-up in the newspaper and magazines about your activities?

9) Do you know of any Filipino American who is influential in USA politics, humanitarian, entrepreneur efforts, with special talents, community leaders, and youth educators? Send us their accomplishment in published articles.

10) Was your ancestor involved in Philippine politics? If so, you can write a personal story about your ancestor and his/her role in the history of the Philippines .and now your political role here in America.

Our Policy - Tell your personal or family story your way™


Americans of Filipino ancestry across America “Get Involved”, “Make a Difference” It is within your power to “Save your legacy, for life is too short!

The museum introduces “U Write It” Campaign - Bringing My Life Story to Light™ Everyone has a life story. Our history is hidden in our life story. As model minority, we must follow the Principle of leaving a Trace for our future generation to cherish as treasures.

FYI – Memories sought to tell our stories. These stories will be compiled in the book the GOLD BOOK – The New Filipino- American History. Tell your stories and the many voices to be written by folks who want to volunteer. Photos can help as series of oral history. Be sure to label photos because they will become sender’s historical postcards. If you want legacy to be handed down to the future generation … you may

Write your bio/narrative (personal autobiography and family) by audio, etc.
Use the title “Bringing My Life Story to Light™”
Submit only unpublished, edited, typed and double spaced narrative,
Donation is appreciated for storage.
You narrative can be published in a magazine HERITAGE™ – “Focus on legacy.” A one time from the heart fee is appreciated. One (1) page $100, 1/2 page $60, ¼ page $30, and one line $10 is required. Business Ad is appreciated.

How to write your story or memoir…

Use time wisely and write when mood strikes.

Choose whatever method works for you, whether it is a computer or a pen, video or audio.

Focus on small periods of time rather than the whole history at once. It’s not necessary to record events in chronological order.

To jump start your memory; ask yourself questions you would like to ask one of your ancestors.

Use photos, letters, yearbooks, smells and sounds to bring back memories.

Include jokes quoted anything that helps explain the story

To preserve family histories, encourage older generations, siblings and other family members to write down memories or interview them and write it down for them.

- Better years – A Dover Post company/Community/Publication Inc. Newspaper – February 2003 – page 3)

What else can you do?

You may submit original work of poetry.

You may submit photo.

Artwork of your children – If selected their artwork can be exhibited.

You may join us to explore opportunities for research studies that will contribute to the enrichment of the national identity of Americans of Filipino descent.

Submission Guidelines: All materials must be typed double space on 8 1/2 x 11white bond paper. Submit 2 copies for each submission. If you want to be published in the HERITAGE™ Magazine of the museum, a fee is required.

Jefferson Awardees – 2007 – Awardees did not show up when the award were given.

E. Michael Angulo, Esq. – (Reviewed FHAM, Inc. Bylaws in 1998) - Museum Services – and his wife Susan (New Jersey)
Dr. Camelo & Marisol Gopez – Artifacts Donor – Wooden Treasures* (Delaware)
Coralyn de Tagle – Artifact Donor – Philippine Ternos* (Delaware)
Pastor Jorge Butalid – Christ Green Pasture Ministry International, Inc.
Dr. Eusebio Kho instead of Dr. Domingo Singson – Medical Mission & wife Malou ( Delaware)


Send flyers for Adult Project “U Write it” “Bringing My Life Story to Life”™ to the Philippine Embassy and Consulates to be posted in their Bulletin Board Writing activities. This flyer was also given to Filipino Americans.
Approved in the December Meeting that MDBD President can appoint Founder, Co-Founders, and Life Member/Members regardless of age as Chapter President.
Sends Exempt Tax Form 990 to IRS.
Norma Young resigns in December 2008 as Vice President
The MDBD appoint Alili Fetizanan acting President
IRS Audits FHAM, Inc. FHAM Inc, has to submit Schedule (A) supporting papers.

Jefferson Awardees – 2008 Awardees did not show up when the award was given.

Yli Remo Vallejo, PhD - PAAD President & wife Marilyn – Holy Family Church Services (Delaware)
Celestial Gabriel – Chapter President (FHAM, DE) & Gawad Kalinga Donation husband Dr. Timoteo Gabriel ( DE)
Romelita Angeles instead of Dr. Marita Fallorina-Rubio Reuben ( – Donor of “Bayan Ko books” Community Service – Past PAAD Presidents* ( Delaware)
Renata Murakowska instead Dr. Alex M. Cueto – Jose Rizal Centennial & wife Mila (Cherry Hill New Jersey)
Renata Murakowska of Delaware – 6 Years as Treasurer of FHAM, Inc.


Works in Progress: Adult Project – U Write It Bringing My life Story to Light and Children Project: One Child at a Time – Bringing the Creative Side of Children
Dr. Yliremo Vallejo 2009 - 2012 – PAAD President accepts spring social collaboration with the members of FHAM, Inc.
Loida Nicolas Lewes invites Manuelita Plaza Camomot to a Gala Luncheon at her home in East Hampton, New York
Philippine Consulate New York sends important information to the museum
HERITAGE™ Magazine is founded on July 14, 2009
First time Traveling Exhibits at the Philippine Fiesta at the Meadowland Exposition Center in Secaucus New Jersey
FHAM, Inc Charity Ball - Gift of Legacy will be on September 19, 2009
Those who were not present at the Charity Ball to be presented the Jefferson Award will get it next year
Children’s Writing and Arts Contest
New Projects: Filipino Americans helping Filipino Americans and Pictorial History of Filipinos in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania before and after WWII up to the present
IRS audits this year. FHAM, Inc. submitted - Schedule A
December 2009 Annual Meeting approved the transfer of the museum entire property to Filipino American Association in Philadelphia Inc.

Jefferson Awardees – 2009

Gundulina “Gwen” Devera – (FHAM- New Jersey) Chapter President – One of the 100 Outstanding women of USA & husband Dony
Michael Wallace Jones, Computer Logistics wife Clavel Camomot Jones (DE)
Dr. Emilio R. Valdes Jr. M.D. – Community Service and wife Windy (DE)
Rommel L. Rivera M.D.– Gawad Kalinga – President FECGP & Dr. Aida Rivera both Founders of the Philippine Folk Art Society, Inc. (Philadelphia)
Eric Lachica - Filipino Veteran Advocate & wife Cherilyn (Washington D.C.)

Philippine Women – Encouraging women’s goals and lauding their achievement

Jefferson Awardees 2010

Loida Nicolas Lewes, Esq. – Philanthropy, CEO Beatrice TLC (New York)

Dr. Camelo & Marisol Gopez - Artifact Donors (Delaware)

E. Michael Angulo, Esq. – Museum Services (Legal advice to FHAM, Inc. Bylaws) & wife Susan (New Jersey)

Celestial Gabriel – Chapter President (FHAM, Inc Delaware) & husband Dr. Tim Gabriel

Coralyn de Tagle – Artifacts Donor & husband Lito (Delaware)

Yli Remo Vallejo, Ph.D. - PAAD President & wife Marilyn both Holy
Family Service (Delaware

7. Eusebio Kho, M. D. – Leadership – Medical, Military

8. Kim Barroso – Music/FANHS

9. Susan Sobrepena - Military Service

10. Dr. Aida Rivera, NAFFTA -

11. JoAnn Balingit, Ph.D. Poet Laureate of DE

12. Renata Murakowska, M. A. – FHAM, Inc. Treasurer

13. Norma Abrenica, Museum Founder of Filipiniana society of DE

14. Romelita Angeles – PAAD/Filipiniana – Children’s Director

15. Marilyn Vallejo, M. A. PAAD Humanitarian/ Holy Family Service

Jefferson Award Nomination Now Being Accepted

Do you know someone who is active volunteer or a Capital Campaign contributor in the amount of $1K or more at the museum? Nominate them for a Jefferson Award. Nomination form is available at the museum. For details call us.

Elected Museum Development Board of Director 2005 – 2011
Election is every three years. Next Election 2010 – Last Saturday in December

President - Manuelita P. Camomot, MA, Email -
Vice Presidents - Open
Alili Fetizanan, MA, (302) 993 1259 Acting
Secretary: Corresponding - Curt Camomot, (302) 731-5899
Treasurer - Renata Murakowska, MA, (302) 738 8248

Constantino Camomot Email–
Carolina Nazareno, M.A.
Dr. Bonifacia Yap

Board of Trustees: – Interested Co-Founders and Life Time Members
Kim Barroso, Marilou Black, Mildred Lombardi, (302) 368-8993, Carolina Nazareno, (302) 323 -1131 and Dr. Bonifacia Yap

Co-Founders: Constantino Camomot. Mildred Lombardi, M.A. Carolina Nazareno, M.A.,
Manuel Tibayan, M. A. Leticia Tibayan, M. A. and Bonifacia Yap, MD

Past Presidents: Maximo Victoria Jr, Tito Valbuena, Remigio Tabangin Jr., Joylyn Pascual and Leticia Tibayan

Filipino American Helping Filipino American™ Project: The following are appointed Chapter Presidents in December 2008 meeting:

Gwen Devera, NJ, Serline Lisondra, PA, Eduardo Ajoc, FL, Boots Ablao, AZ , Delaware - Stan & Ditta Camomot, Mildred Lombardi, Alili Fetizanan, Celestial Gabriel, Carolina “Nenen” Nazareno, Dr. Bonifacia “Pacing” Yap and Clavel Jones


1. Morris, James Delaware (Lawyers) Susan D’Alonzo Ament Esq. –
2. Couples for Christ - Delaware Chapter–
3. E. Michael Angelo Esq. - Consultant of the FHAM Inc. Constitution & Bylaws Licensed – PA/NJ/DC
4. Filipino Executive Council of Philadelphia email:– Dr. Rommel Rivera -
5. Christ Green Pastures Ministry International Inc. Delaware Chapter – Pastor Jorge Butalid
6. Mutya Philippine Dance Company – President Imelda Alpas – (856) 414-4719
7. Philippine Consulate in NY -556 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036
8. Delaware House of Representative – William Oberly Jr. (R)
9. The Wilmington News Journal: LOCAL: Woman bases life’s work on love, heritage. /newsjournal/local2002/03/11
10. Executive Director - US Veterans DC -
11. SAF –Travel World – Senen A. Fontanilla – owner Philippine Travel Call 1888 MANILA
12. PAAD Inc. – htt://– Yliremo Vallejo - President
13. United Suriguenos Association of America (USAA) NY - Avelina L. Liang - Member

This Website is maintained by Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum Inc. of Newark Delaware. Manuelita Plaza Camomot is the author of this website. All rights reserved. Copyright 2009
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*Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum, Inc. (Tax ID: 51 0372541)
58 South Skyward Dr., Newark DE 19713
Email –

Dear Friends,

Come and be a part of your own or your wife/husband’s heritage. Support the FHAM, Inc. aka IFAH™, - the first museum in the East Coast

The Power of Collective Giving (Tulong) Matters™, means membership fee and any other form of contribution from the HEART is needed and appreciated. The Americans of Filipino descent is helping Filipino-Americans to save and preserve its history. Join us.

Annual Membership: [ ] $5 Friend [ ] $35 Gold Member [ ] $50 Advocate
Life membership: [ ] $500 (1) only [ ] HW $750 Accepts outright/installment basis
Other Fees: [ ] $5 Research & Development [ ] $50 Benevolence [ ] $150 Organization

As you know, the museum will have its first “Charity Ball” for the “Gift of Legacy™’ BUILDING FUND Campaign and JEFFERSON AWARDEES for Public Service on Sept. 19, 2009 at the Newark Senor Center in Delaware. In July-August, invitations will be sent out. Invite your friends. Also the Traveling Museum and Fil-Am businesses are on display.

FYI: Every year, FHAM, Inc. will hold 2 Social Dancing in May and September. Jefferson awards for Public service will be given to only five (5) people. Contact Pastor Jorge Butalid – (302) 369 3692 and Manuelita “Ditta” Camomot – (302) 731-5899


Signed - Manuelita P. Camomot
2009 Jefferson Awardees for Public Service

Gwen Devera, R.N. – Chapter President (FHAM - New Jersey) she is one of the 100 Outstanding Filipino American women in community service. And her husband Dony

Rommel L. Rivera, M.D. – Gawad Kalinga Project (Bohol) and President of FECGP & wife Dr. Aida Rivera – Both Founders of PFASI (Philadelphia)

Eric Lachica, M.A. – Filipino Veterans Advocate, now involved in the 2010 Census (Washington D. C.) and wife Cherylyn.

Michael Wallace Jones – Computer Logistics (Services) & wife Clavel Camomot Jones (Delaware)

Emilio R. Valdes Jr., M.D. – Community Service & wife Wendy (DE)

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